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Raise your hand if you love Monday and it’s your favorite day of the week.

Uh huh.

Not too many positive responses.

One day many years ago listening to a Tony Robbins book-on-tape (yeah, on tape, that tells you how long ago that was) I was stunned to hear him say if you’re doing what you love, Monday was the same as any other day of the week, including Saturday.

Whoa. Run that by me again?

I wore out the tape listening to that portion.

What a marvelous fantasy. It was beyond my imagination, yet it must be true because Mr. Robbins stated it was possible.

Since then I experienced a few Mondays (emphasis on few) where it felt the same as any other day of the week.

And he’s right.

It is possible.

And isn’t that marvelous?

My current employer and I know that while I love my job and the work I do, it isn’t my dream job. And I’ve learned to be superbly fine (the definition of marvelous) while I’m working toward my dreams.

Moaning and groaning my way through Monday morning can’t change the fact that it’s Monday and the fun stuff weekend is over. What I can change is my mind, which can change my emotions and how I feel.

It takes practice. It takes effort.

Am I superbly fine all the time, every Monday? Nope.

However, I know that even if it’s Monday or Tuesday or any other day of the week, I have the power to adjust my emotions and feel whatever I choose.

And isn’t that marvelous?!

Transformation, one word, one day at a time.

Change your outlook.

Change your behavior.

When asked, “How are you?” answer with today’s word.  

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