Today’s Word Is . . .

365 Days of Transformation One Word at a Time©

Day #3 Fearless

Fearless Friday – What would you do if you felt no fear and knew you could not fail? (Based on a quote by Robert H. Schuller)

I balance everything I choose or want to do against the Fruit of the Spirit found at Galatians 5:22, 23 (KJV)

Am I motivated by and will my actions result in Love, Joy, Peace, Long-suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, and Temperance? If so, I go forth and be fearless.

One word, one day at a time.

Change your outlook.

Change your behavior.

When asked, “How are you feeling?” answer with today’s word.

Fearless 6-10-2016 © 2013 - 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

© 2013 – 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved is devoted to transformation and reinventing life. Topics and projects are wide and varied as inspiration is found around any corner anytime, anywhere.

Today’s Word Is . . .

365 Days of Transformation One Word at a Time©

Change your outlook.

Change your behavior.

One word, one day at a time.

When asked, “How are you feeling?” answer with today’s word.

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© 2013 – 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved is devoted to transformation and reinventing life. Topics and projects are wide and varied as inspiration is found around any corner anytime, anywhere.

Today’s Word Is . . .

365 Days of Transformation One Word at a Time©

How you feel is a choice you make every day.  No one can make you “feel” anything.  You get to choose how any thing, any one, and any circumstance makes you feel.

Before my transformation and journey through the dark night of the soul I didn’t use inspirational, powerful words every day. I didn’t know I could choose. I didn’t believe the words. I didn’t know I had the power to choose what I believe and what I feel.

With the help of the Holy Spirit I discovered my undesirable beliefs and the inner power I had to change them. And that changed me. Boy-oh-boy is it ever incredibly invigorating.

For the next 365 days I’ll be posting a feeling word for the day. When someone asks, “How are you feeling?” or “How are you?” respond with the powerful, inspirational word of the day.

Delightful 6-8-2016 © 2013 - 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

© 2013 – 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved is devoted to transformation and reinventing life. Topics and projects are wide and varied as inspiration is found around any corner anytime, anywhere.

Flaw Season

You see the signs everywhere this time of year:


I’ve had some pretty gnarly life-threatening cases of flu, however, my health suffered just as much from the cumulative dis-ease during “Flaw Season.”

Flaw Season is how I label:

  • embracing and magnifying flaws and pushing strengths to the side.
  • too much focus on mending weaknesses instead of honoring and seeing my worth and power.
  • ignoring and refusing to evaluate habits that obstruct my good.
  • focusing on what I do not want instead of what I do want.

Without precautions, Flaw Season would have lasted a lifetime.


Have you done mirror work? It is a wonderful preventative measure to combat Flaw Season and transform mind, body, and spirit health.

You begin by gazing into your eyes in a mirror and repeating the words, “I love and accept you exactly as you are,” as suggested by Louise Hay in her book You Can Heal Your Life.

At first looking into my eyes was too difficult, so I looked at my face.

An appalling lack of concentration plagued my early attempts.

“Oh man, look at that disgusting hair curling out my nose. Step away from the mirror and pluck that sucker out!”

“Hideous. I look hideous. Dark circles, puffy eyes, boy that lack of sleep is showing. I have back-to-back appointments today, can’t see people looking like this, and my hair! I’d have time to fix everything if I wasn’t staring into this mirror. I’m going to be late for work!”

“Wait. I think I missed a slide in that PowerPoint presentation. Did I? I can’t remember. The meeting’s tomorrow morning; I’ll have time to check it if I get to work early. (Yawn, yawn, yawn) I’m so tired and I’ve got so much to do! Gotta put this mirror down and get stuff done before bedtime.”

“Good heavens, is that another wrinkle? Look at all the wrinkles! This mirror work blows.”

And off my thoughts would go on a tear about getting older, the laundry, dinner, what was on Food Network, etc. etc. etc.

The whispers of divine intelligence must have felt like they were in a crowded bar with the band cranking tunes at 85 decibels or in the middle of a playground surrounded by screaming children.

Eventually with practice, I looked directly into my eyes, thoughts calmed and I heard my inner voice.

  • It told me what I was really thinking about loving and accepting myself.
  • It revealed what feelings and beliefs were blocking me from accepting and receiving my power.
  • It pointed out how centering on flaws was a flaw.

The act of writing down where the thoughts, feelings and beliefs came from illuminated what I needed to acknowledge and heal.

Journaling the mirror work led to transformation, as I made choices on what to believe and where to put my focus.

Journaling is a measurement tool.

Experiencing progress stimulates motivation to continue working. Seeing a mass of baby steps transforming and adding up to substantial breakthroughs is exciting.

Divine Intelligence opened the door to people, books, movies, blogs and resources that provided information when I needed help in processing and understanding how to move forward, learn more and make life-enhancing choices.

Mirror work was only the beginning, a pro-active injection to start shaking off the perpetual winter of the soul.

© 2013 – 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved is devoted to transformation and reinventing life. Topics and projects are wide and varied as inspiration is found around any corner anytime, anywhere.

The author of this blog does not presume to offer psychological therapy nor advocates the use of any technique for the treatment of any specific or traumatic psychological condition without the approval and guidance of a qualified psychotherapist. The writer’s intent is to convey personal experience in the hope it may be of help in others’ personal quests for mind, body and spirit improvement. If you use any of the information as a form of self-therapy, the author / writer assumes no responsibility or liability for your actions.

Tricks For Learning a New Language

My American Sign Language (ASL) Barbie doll, currently up for sale on eBay, has her fingers shaped in the sign for “I love you.”

I tried to learn sign language in my younger days.

Didn’t use it much. It didn’t “take” and I did not advance beyond the basics.

I tried learning Spanish.

It didn’t take.

Ask my former co-workers who speak Spanish. They found it quite amusing that the only things I could remember and say well was, “The apple is red” and “Where is the bathroom? Pronto, pronto!”

I tried learning French and German.

Didn’t take.

The transformation of my life required changing my “thought” language.

Uh oh.

It did take, because I used some of the same tricks for learning a new language and applied them to changing my thought patterns.


Recognize why you want to learn a new language and make the decision to be in it for the long haul. No one needed me to communicate with him or her in sign language, Spanish, French or German. There were no plans to travel to different countries. It sounded fun and that wasn’t enough motivation to make a lasting commitment.

Changing the language of my thinking and thought patterns improves my life and moves me closer to my dreams. I wanted to learn and made the commitment.


Experts say talking to yourself is a good way to practice pronunciation. Hear yourself speak aloud and build confidence to speak to someone else. Focus on useful, every day, practical words and phrases.

When transforming thought patterns, it is crucial to listen to yourself. Words and phrases highlight where negative thinking is a conditioned response. Write them in a journal or notebook. The process may trigger additional thoughts or emotions, write those down too.


Play with the language, have fun with it and be willing to make mistakes. Adults tend to give children and youth more leeway to make mistakes. Give ourselves (and other adults) permission to let go of perfection and embarrassment. If we use the wrong word or phrase or pronounce it incorrectly, someone will likely point it out. Thank them for their help while you are getting the feel for the language.

Many of our beliefs come from childhood teachings. Give yourself permission to question those beliefs and the resulting thoughts and behaviors. Explore if they are right for you and the life you desire. For each negative thought, give yourself the gift of discovery. Like a child, you are starting fresh and getting the feel for something new.


Practice every day. Speak the new language, write it, think it, sing it. Use it. Feeling frustrated? Take a deep breath; ask for help. If you are learning from recording and written materials, take a class or find someone fluent in the language and ask to practice. People love helping people, especially when you are motivated to learn.

Practice changing your thought patterns by going back to what you wrote in your journal or notebook. Take each negative and turn it in to a positive. If you don’t know how, search for the word or phrase online, research self-help books, ask a therapist or psychologist for help.

When you hear yourself (verbally or inside your head) using a conditioned thought or response, take a deep breath, acknowledge it – my therapist taught me to say “Hum, interesting” – and redirect to your positive words or phrases.

Pay attention to what fears are blocking you from believing the positive words or phrases. Until you release the block, positive affirmations will not work.

Thank the CEO of the Universe® for help with removing blocks. “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” (Psalm 34:4 KJV)

Give yourself a treat; learn a new language. Improve on the beautiful person you already are and remember to tell yourself everyday “I love you.”

© 2013 – 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved is devoted to transformation and reinventing life. Topics and projects are wide and varied as inspiration is found around any corner anytime, anywhere.

Sparks Middle School Shooting

Our community lost a dedicated teacher, friend and selfless veteran. We are left with two students wounded and a child gone for reasons not yet uncovered. In the past, before beginning my journey of transformation, I would have focused on anger and blame.

I would have focused heated thoughts on where he got the gun, his parents, and why God did not prevent the unspeakable. Through gritted teeth, I would have questioned how the students treated him and if school personnel were aware.

With sadness and grief I said a prayer for the victims and their families, asking how not to put my attention on anger and blame. The voice inside my head whispered the questions, “What pain was the child so focused on that he chose to bring a weapon to school to take another life as well as his own? Are we going to outlaw guns, kitchen knives, fire, video games, and the Internet where anyone can learn to build a bomb?” In ancient days, without modern weapons, Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. (Gen. 4:8 KJV) Pain will find a way.

My website is dedicated to the business of transforming life to find peace and joy; how could that philosophy serve in this horrible situation without sounding trite? Putting my emotions in God’s hands, the Mohandas Gandhi quote came to mind, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” Social and personal transformations go hand in hand. I cannot control other people or situations. I can only control my own reactions and myself.

My prayer redirected to one requesting assistance, to be aware of my thoughts, actions and words this day and every day. Help me to focus on kindness. Help me in any situation to release the need to be angry, mean, cutting, competitive or critical. Let me not be the one that pricks a fellow human with the words or actions that send them over the edge.

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A Blue Squash in a Pumpkin-Colored World

It was a gorgeous sunny autumn day; one of those days you carry in your soul to shine a light of hope during a dreary winter. My hubby and I were in “Apple Hill” California celebrating our season’s favorite ritual – a weekend trip to pick up cider, pumpkins, apples, pies and gifts.

Almost every ranch grew pumpkins. Beautiful plump, orange pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. At one particular grower’s exhibits in the midst of all the oranges and yellows was a single box of blue squash. Everyone passed by them with hardly a glance. A couple of kids wrinkled their noses and squeaked, “Ewww.” As I was taking the photo above, I thought they seemed so out of place and lonely. Just like me.

As a child of devout Jehovah’s Witnesses, I grew up feeling like a blue squash in a pumpkin-colored world. I was different. Out of place. Lonely. A misfit that didn’t fit in with my family, my religion or the civilization outside the Witnesses’ organization. Conflicted over my parents beliefs, I constantly asked if perhaps I was adopted and they just didn’t want to tell me. My mother gave me my birth certificate on my fourteenth birthday to prove I belonged to them. Ashamed to say I was disappointed.

Being the blue squash that I was, things that came easily to other people was challenging for me to grasp. Life is a process – ummm, huh uh, don’t get it. Progress not perfection – no way, perfection is the goal! You have choices – seriously, you must be kidding. God is love and He loves you no matter what – not in this lifetime or any other.

I desperately needed a transformation. In the very core of my being was a steel coil of frozen fear and doubt preventing me from finding true peace. Joy was somebody’s name, not a feeling I could embrace. Craving love and hope, I could not explain what they meant. I can now. The overhaul of my soul was a long haul and it isn’t over. Lots of posts on this website is about the renovation of a life. I hope you come back soon and enjoy the journey.

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