Write an Abundance Check on the New Moon

Are you on a personal transformation journey? Does it include being open and receptive to more abundance and wealth in your life?

The definition of abundance doesn’t always pertain to money. It could mean improving relationships, discovering your life’s purpose and the richness it brings to your spirit and soul, increasing confidence and the use of your gifts and talents, freshening your skills, and much more.

Writing an abundance check to the self is a popular visualization tool for creating more abundance in life. When visualizing, remember to experience the emotion you will feel when having your desire fulfilled.

Why write it on the new moon?

Hand writing a list of wishes, hopes, dreams, and goals on the date of the new moon uses its energy to set an intention, create a vision, and intensify manifestation.

I first heard of writing a new moon list in Wyoming in the 1980’s. Decades later, still find myself amazed at how many items “show up” from each month’s list. Some arrive quickly, while others seem to take their own sweet time in the land of “no way, not yet, just keeping waiting.”

February 8, 2016 is this month’s new moon. Writing an abundance check on the new moon will boost its energy. If you believe that kind of stuff is “nonsense,” then at least try writing the check on any date you choose – there are hundreds of success stories out there, including actor Jim Carrey’s.

Here’s the video of Jim Carrey on Oprah describing the ten million dollar check he wrote to himself.

How do you write an abundance check to yourself? Here are seven steps:

  1. Use a blank check or create one, just make it as realistic as possible.
  2. Write a future date that you expect to receive the abundance.
  3. Make the check payable to you.
  4. Specify the amount you want – any amount – from just wanting to make ends meet or super-sizing it to make a dream come true.
  5. The memo section can be left blank or be specific on what you are doing to receive the amount. Remember to avoid negative wording or wording that could be misconstrued into a negative.
  6. Sign the check The Universe, Law of Attraction, God, Divine Intelligence, anything that you believe is the force and has power to bring it to you.
  7. Look at it every day, several times a day

Abundance Check © 2013 - 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved ABlueSquash.com

You are welcome to copy the check I created for my own use. Used the key and lock to symbolize the Universe’s and my energy as the key to unlocking:

  • success and prosperity.
  • unlimited abundance.
  • the ability to focus on my dreams and goals.
  • any doors that hold me back.
  • knowledge and training needed to move forward.

NewMoonCheck.com is a fun site with samples of abundance checks, instructions and in-depth astrology information.

Now go write that check!

I’ll be reviewing other “transformation” tools in future posts. Please share in comments if you have written abundance checks (and the results) or leave a comment below. Thank you! 

© 2013 – 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

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