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Day #12  STRONG

When contemplating the word strong, my mind started playing the word association game.

Strong – Steel

Steel – Iron

Iron – Thor

Thor – Yum

Whoops! That didn’t go where I intended.

See how the subconscious takes over if we don’t pay attention?

My thoughts were leap-frogging over themselves trying to establish that strong doesn’t have to be rigid.

Strong is defined as the power to perform physically demanding tasks; able to withstand great force or pressure; not easy to break or damage.

Asking my husband to help with the word I was looking for, he said, “Leather. It’s strong, yet pliable if taken care of and oiled properly.”

That’s it! And so the image for today contains a background of diamond plated steel overlaid by leather.

And since today is Father’s Day, leather reminds me of dads.

Leather jackets, leather car seats, saddles and belts.

Fathers who pick up their children when they fall, guide them with a strong and loving hand, and balance their convictions with compassion, love and joy.

If you don’t or didn’t have an ideal father, we can turn to the CEO of the Universe who is always available to teach us about strength, compassion, love, and joy.

Strong doesn’t represent only males, females are strong too. This is another one of those powerful words that will be repeated in our 365 Days of Transformation.

When you fall down, get back up to thrive another day.

When you make a mistake, admit it and continue to love yourself and everyone around you.

Be passionate about your convictions and balance them with compassion – a deep sympathy and mercy – which means you will not injure someone because they do not believe the way you do.

Release the need to be angry because someone does not share your convictions. Being strong is releasing the need to control other people and that gives you the freedom to surround yourself and others with joy.

 Transformation, one word, one day at a time.

Change your outlook.

Change your behavior.

When asked, “How are you?” answer with today’s word.  

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