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365 Days of Transformation One Word at a Time©

Day #50  Victorious

The olive branch was used as a symbol of peace and victory in ancient times. Olive wreaths were awarded as prizes to Olympic victors.

Olive oil, used throughout the world, is a nutritious and delectable choice for healthy eating. Use it now, rather than later, for freshness makes a difference.

Olive oil can be burned for illumination in lamps and some cosmetics and soaps use it as a base.

All of which are great reasons to use the olive and leaf as a backdrop in today’s feeling victorious image. One of the prizes for victory over moving past childhood or long-standing negatives is emotional health and a clean, light life.  

I am feeling victorious over negatives in my past.

I refuse to let past choices, mistakes, or people harm me.

I am now making good choices.

Transformation, one word, one day at a time.

Change your outlook.

Change your behavior.

When asked, “How are you?” answer with today’s word.  

Victorious 7-27-16 © 2013 - 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

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