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One of my favorite games is “Word Association.” The way our family plays it, one person will kick off a game with a word that describes their day or how they are feeling at the moment. The next person will quickly say a word associated with the feeling or we will respond with an expression of commiseration.

We can only communicate using the most descriptive single word possible. No swear words allowed. Or that could easily deteriorate in a direction no family should go.

Generally our words are so completely random, yet associative, it doesn’t take long before we’re laughing our heads off.

During the pandemic stay at home mandate we didn’t laugh much when we played. We found ourselves using words that were glum and dispirited. Very few joyful or positive reactions were elicited.

Instead of simply being a fun exercise, the game became cathartic. We were allowed to express any frustration, anger, hurt, pain, sadness, grief, belief or opinion in a safe zone. We took the time to really think about each word we were conveying.  It gave us space to articulate our emotions and a starting point for conversations about how to handle emotional distress.    

It made us stronger.

Collectively releasing the pressure, worry, and stress, we collectively focused on what we could do, not on what was denied us.

We didn’t like and still don’t like the new COVID-19 world order. Yet we know we are strong.

Strong doesn’t have to be rigid. Strong is defined as the power to perform physically demanding tasks; able to withstand great force or pressure; not easy to break or damage.

We are not broken.

We do not give up.

We do not stay angry.

We do not focus on complaining.

We still get choices. We get to choose every moment of every day how we respond to any circumstance.

We focus on gratitude and thankfulness for the thousands of people who kept our home lights on and our water and electricity running, our medical facilities operating, our essential stores open, our online orders delivered, and all the other countless ways we were and continue to be provided for.

We can turn to the CEO of the Universe who is always available to teach us about strength and replacing fear with love, peace, patience, and compassion. We can balance our convictions with love, peace, patience, and compassion.

 Transformation, one word, one day at a time.

Change your outlook.

Change your behavior.

When asked, “How are you?” answer with today’s word.  “I am feeling strong.”  

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