Today’s Word Is . . .

365 Days of Transformation One Word at a Time©

Day #3 Fearless

Fearless Friday – What would you do if you felt no fear and knew you could not fail? (Based on a quote by Robert H. Schuller)

I balance everything I choose or want to do against the Fruit of the Spirit found at Galatians 5:22, 23 (KJV)

Am I motivated by and will my actions result in Love, Joy, Peace, Long-suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, and Temperance? If so, I go forth and be fearless.

One word, one day at a time.

Change your outlook.

Change your behavior.

When asked, “How are you feeling?” answer with today’s word.

Fearless 6-10-2016 © 2013 - 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

© 2013 – 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved is devoted to transformation and reinventing life. Topics and projects are wide and varied as inspiration is found around any corner anytime, anywhere.

Today’s Word Is . . .

365 Days of Transformation One Word at a Time©

Change your outlook.

Change your behavior.

One word, one day at a time.

When asked, “How are you feeling?” answer with today’s word.

Amazing 6-9-2016 © 2013 - 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

© 2013 – 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved is devoted to transformation and reinventing life. Topics and projects are wide and varied as inspiration is found around any corner anytime, anywhere.

Today’s Word Is . . .

365 Days of Transformation One Word at a Time©

How you feel is a choice you make every day.  No one can make you “feel” anything.  You get to choose how any thing, any one, and any circumstance makes you feel.

Before my transformation and journey through the dark night of the soul I didn’t use inspirational, powerful words every day. I didn’t know I could choose. I didn’t believe the words. I didn’t know I had the power to choose what I believe and what I feel.

With the help of the Holy Spirit I discovered my undesirable beliefs and the inner power I had to change them. And that changed me. Boy-oh-boy is it ever incredibly invigorating.

For the next 365 days I’ll be posting a feeling word for the day. When someone asks, “How are you feeling?” or “How are you?” respond with the powerful, inspirational word of the day.

Delightful 6-8-2016 © 2013 - 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

© 2013 – 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved is devoted to transformation and reinventing life. Topics and projects are wide and varied as inspiration is found around any corner anytime, anywhere.

Write an Abundance Check on the New Moon

Are you on a personal transformation journey? Does it include being open and receptive to more abundance and wealth in your life?

The definition of abundance doesn’t always pertain to money. It could mean improving relationships, discovering your life’s purpose and the richness it brings to your spirit and soul, increasing confidence and the use of your gifts and talents, freshening your skills, and much more.

Writing an abundance check to the self is a popular visualization tool for creating more abundance in life. When visualizing, remember to experience the emotion you will feel when having your desire fulfilled.

Why write it on the new moon?

Hand writing a list of wishes, hopes, dreams, and goals on the date of the new moon uses its energy to set an intention, create a vision, and intensify manifestation.

I first heard of writing a new moon list in Wyoming in the 1980’s. Decades later, still find myself amazed at how many items “show up” from each month’s list. Some arrive quickly, while others seem to take their own sweet time in the land of “no way, not yet, just keeping waiting.”

February 8, 2016 is this month’s new moon. Writing an abundance check on the new moon will boost its energy. If you believe that kind of stuff is “nonsense,” then at least try writing the check on any date you choose – there are hundreds of success stories out there, including actor Jim Carrey’s.

Here’s the video of Jim Carrey on Oprah describing the ten million dollar check he wrote to himself.

How do you write an abundance check to yourself? Here are seven steps:

  1. Use a blank check or create one, just make it as realistic as possible.
  2. Write a future date that you expect to receive the abundance.
  3. Make the check payable to you.
  4. Specify the amount you want – any amount – from just wanting to make ends meet or super-sizing it to make a dream come true.
  5. The memo section can be left blank or be specific on what you are doing to receive the amount. Remember to avoid negative wording or wording that could be misconstrued into a negative.
  6. Sign the check The Universe, Law of Attraction, God, Divine Intelligence, anything that you believe is the force and has power to bring it to you.
  7. Look at it every day, several times a day

Abundance Check © 2013 - 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

You are welcome to copy the check I created for my own use. Used the key and lock to symbolize the Universe’s and my energy as the key to unlocking:

  • success and prosperity.
  • unlimited abundance.
  • the ability to focus on my dreams and goals.
  • any doors that hold me back.
  • knowledge and training needed to move forward. is a fun site with samples of abundance checks, instructions and in-depth astrology information.

Now go write that check!

I’ll be reviewing other “transformation” tools in future posts. Please share in comments if you have written abundance checks (and the results) or leave a comment below. Thank you! 

© 2013 – 2016 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved is devoted to personal transformation and reinventing life. Topics and projects are wide and varied as inspiration is found around any corner anytime, anywhere.

Love Letter to a Nutty Kid

Today, October 22, 2015 is National Nut Day.

To celebrate the day, I fully intended to post a killer Chocolate Chili Almond snack recipe. Ran out of time after the seventh attempt to perfect the formula.

The almonds took a left turn at Flavortown and landed smack dab in the middle of Bland Camp.

Not tasty? Not posting.

So, I’m “repurposing” National Nut Day to write a blog of appreciation for the three things I learned from my favorite nut, my daughter, Tysha.

From the day she was born I’ve told and showed Tysha how much I love her and thanked her for being a wonderful, extraordinary individual. Can’t recall ever telling her about my gratitude for her nutty side.


Tysha is a perfectionist. Yet she strikes a remarkable balance between being silly and being serious. She wears an essence of goofiness like perfume. It mellows the meticulousness.

If she wants to go somewhere or to see someone, she goes. No hesitation.

No worries about make-up, what she is wearing or how she looks. It’s the adventure and the laughter that is important. Life happens in those moments.

I used to laugh a lot.

I used to be silly.

The nut did not fall too far from the tree. When people see Tysha and me together, they nod and say, “Oh, now I understand where she gets it.”

Unlike Tysha, I lost my daily LOL (Laugh Out Loud.) I let anxiety become my master.

I got heavy, tightened up, and forgot how to live.

Watching Tysha and talking with her, reminds me:

  • it’s okay to lighten up and be myself
  • it’s smart not to care too much about what people think of me
  • step away from anything or anyone that crushes a merry spirit.


A few years ago, when Nevada was very slowly coming out of the Great Recession (more like a Deep Depression), Tysha was living in Wyoming and planned to come back to Reno.

“Are you nuts?”

Reminding her I was in the employment business and “jobs are as scarce as water in a mid-summer desert,” she did not let me deter her from reaching her goal.

“Stop worrying, I’ll find something,” she said with a smile in her voice.

And she did.

Later, she out grew that job. There was no room for advancement, she did not feel like she fit anymore and the feeling of unhappiness was pinching.

Tysha wanted to take a chance on a temporary position when Reno / Sparks still had not fully recovered its job market.

“Are you nuts?”

“Stop worrying, Mom, it’s all good!”

And it was.

Tysha is happy. She loves her job (that is no longer temporary), her co-workers, and the company. She’s making good money and her personal brand of nuttiness fits like a glove.

I am so glad she did not focus on my doubts.

She believed and trusted:

  • in herself.
  • in her worthiness.
  • in her abilities.

She knocked hard on the door of opportunity and did not hesitate to walk through – although you might have heard her laughing as she stumbled on a dust bunny or two.


When Tysha was little, I tried to share and teach her the things I enjoyed.

I despaired.

She didn’t want to bake.

She didn’t want to sew.

She didn’t want to dance.

Understanding they were not her “things,” I left it alone and let her be the kid she wanted to be.

Three decades later Tysha:

makes cupcake bouquets.    Tysha's Cupcake Bouquet for Judy's BDay © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

became a Zumba® instructor.    Allen Abraham & Tysha Zumba Instructors 2014 © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

creates exquisite costumes.    Tysha's Handmade 2015 Steampunk Ball Ensemble © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

She taught me about the importance of owning the timing and motivation.

When pressured or forced to do something, my heart is not in it. I don’t feel the joy and I’m not motivated to stick with it.

I’ve learned the best we can do is offer to teach, train with patience and excellence, be available for additional instruction, and then detach from the outcome.

That kid in the featured photo transformed into a lovely, amazing woman – who is still a nutty kid at heart. Isn’t life grand?

© 2013 – 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved is devoted to transformation and reinventing life. Topics and projects are wide and varied as inspiration is found around any corner anytime, anywhere.

Five Things I Learned From Captain Jack Sparrow

Who doesn’t like Captain Jack Sparrow? I can’t imagine anyone else but Johnny Depp playing this amazing character. He breathed a whiff of nobility into a less than honorable profession. To continue’s theme of the month, Pirate!, here are five things I learned from Captain Jack.

IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME  Captain Jack Sparrow Doll © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

Commodore Norrington makes a statement about Captain Jack, “That is, without doubt, the worst pirate I’ve ever seen.” Later in the movie an officer states, “That’s got to be the best pirate I’ve ever seen.”

Captain Jack does not care what you think of him, he goes his own way and makes his own path. He takes the most effective route. And lives by, “The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can’t do.”

It finally sunk home. What people think of me is none of my business.

Never going to be accepted by everyone, so I’ve stopped wasting my time working so hard to please everyone.

I’ve stopped trying to be perfect. Or to impress.

I’ve stopped reacting when old habits, a lack of confidence and people try to derail my goals. I trust in my abilities to move me forward.

Like searching for buried treasure, I’m finding my way and discovering every day what I can do and accepting what I can’t do. People’s opinions no longer have anything to do with how I feel or behave.

Much happier now. Savvy?

PLAN  Jack Sparrow & Compass

Captain Jack is pretty much a step ahead of everyone else. He always has a plan. At times, he uses his hand-held compass to navigate. Most times, he uses his intuition as a compass, pointing the way to an end result.

Planning reminds us of a goal and provides the course of action to take. It helps us get to our target in a clear-cut way. Individuals as well as businesses must use this powerful tool as a foundation to success.

I discovered my life’s purpose and stopped drifting on a sea of uncertainty after career coach, Laynette Evans (whom I highly recommend) of The Evans Consulting Group encouraged me to do the work in the What Color Is Your Parachute? Job-Hunter’s Workbook. (You can contact Laynette via LinkedIn or Facebook.)

Once I knew what I wanted to do, I did the following:

  • Wrote specific and measurable goals
  • Clearly stated what I wanted to accomplish
  • Created starting and ending dates for each goal
  • Outlined specific activities showing how and what to do to reach each goal
  • Assigned to me the accountability. Okay, okay my husband and daughter have their eye’s (aye’s) on me too.

PLAN B  Jack Sparrow Puzzling It Out

Captain Jack adjusts plans as needed. When something does not go as expected, he shakes it off, looks around, thinks ahead, and puzzles it out. Always with a goal in sight.

Unforeseen occurrences happen. We’ve all experienced it or the quote “Poop Happens” would not be so popular.

How many times have you heard this? “We can’t control people or conditions. We can only control our responses.”

I encourage you to be flexible. Don’t respond as I used to by getting upset, anxious, angry and hurt. That didn’t get me anywhere, but in sick bay.

  • Take a deep breath
  • Remember your purpose
  • Revisit your goals
  • Alter or shift activities
  • Stay the course

FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY  Jack Sparrow & the Kraken     

“Hello, Beastie.” Hat on, sword in hand, Captain Jack stepped into the Kraken’s mouth.

What is your Kraken?

Be willing to acknowledge and recognize your fears. Read the book and visit the website Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

I found it to be one of the BEST manuals for breaking through fear, releasing what held me back, and empowering myself.

Remember Captain Jack’s words, “If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it.”

NEVER GIVE UP  Jack Sparrow & Sinking Boat

The boat was sinking, the mast nearly covered when Jack stepped onto the dock. Didn’t bat an eyelash.

When the cannibals attacked, he ran like heck. Toward the ship, toward his goal.

When Angelica posed as Captain Jack he said, “You’ve stolen me and I’m here to take meself back.”

Take yourself back.

Do not allow fears, someone else’s opinion, a day job, or other people’s goals stop you from finding your way.

Never. Ever. Give up. Not on yourself, not on possibilities, and not on your dreams or goals.

© 2013 – 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

My Captain Jack Sparrow doll pictured, with the uncanny likeness of Johnny Depp, sold on eBay.

Pirate Tea – All Hands On Deck!

Avast! September 19, 2015 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. By putting together suggestions for a Pirate Tea, I be honoring the day and continuing with’s theme of the month, Pirate!

All Hands on Deck is a fitting theme for a business to thank employees for their efforts or to launch a new project. See tips and activities below – walking the plank is left out.

Same theme. Same menu. Couple of different strategies for family and friends projects.


When planning events and discussing budgets for companies or individuals, I’ve heard comments ranging from, “Um, good luck with that” (Arrr!) to “Make it happen; how much to do you need?” (Aye!)

Set a budget based on what you can afford and set time commitments. Decide what you absolutely can or cannot live without.

Create or download a detailed event / party checklist from the tons available online. Factor in costs of food, beverages, decorations (including centerpieces BTW: real gold coins will break the treasure chest), room rental (if needed), serving pieces, utensils, table coverings (none if you have wood tables) and favors / gifts.

Assign or hire a photographer. Remember to post the images of everyone having a great time on social media sites.


When planning a thank you for family or friends, depending on the number of people involved, you may choose to provide everything yourself. On the other hand (or hook), get out of the galley, have it catered.

Get recommendations and a minimum of three estimates. Give them the suggested menu or work with additional input.

I would never go the potluck route for a thank you or project launch.

MENU   Pirate Tea Menu All Hands On Deck 9-16-15 © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

Unless hardtack, dried beef and a gallon of beer a day appeals to you, I would not suggest eating like a pirate.

For a fun read, check out the National Geographic article Eat Like a Pirate. You might make copies of this for employees and guests.

Serving the crab salad separately accompanied by fixings allows the low carb enthusiasts to enjoy the party without scraping the salad off bread. Arrr!

Rum cake is required. I believe it is one of the pirate codes or guidelines. Bake your own or use my recipe for Ginger Bacardi Rum Cake . If you live in northern Nevada, purchase a rum cake from local favorite Rum Cakes, Etc.


And this is why you have a budget. From hiring a Johnny Depp look-alike (swoon) to creating a mock sailing ship where folks literally walk up a gangplank to reach the festivities a person could go nuts with the possibilities.

Boards on a table or planks set across sawhorses, seashells, gold coins, pearls, jewels, wood barrels, swords and cutlasses, red bandanas, sails and sailing ships, eye patches, treasure chests, skulls, netting, flags, cannons, stubby candles, gold chargers, silver and gold bars, ship’s wheels and signs with pirate sayings.

Sand can be annoying in the wrong places. Never use it around food – use brown sugar instead.


When there is a large project to accomplish, bring all the employees together and have the “Captain” launch the venture during a Pirate Tea lunch. Even if all employees will not be involved, describing the project as an overall benefit to the business keeps everyone in the loop and makes them feel like part of the crew.

Email a company-wide invitation that says “Shiver Me Timbers It’s All Hands On Deck.” Ask your graphic designer or one of your creative-thinking employees to design it with a pirate theme or as a treasure map. Include the date, time and for the location put an X marks the spot on the lunchroom or site of the event.


Get the crew on board by capturing their imaginations with a Lost at Sea survival scenario. The point of this role-playing situation is communication, decision making and helping the team understand that a group of people pooling their knowledge and thinking together generally arrive at better decisions than a person thinking alone.

Click here for Wilderdom’s website page. It includes instructions and four free choices of Lost At Sea exercises with all the information you need for smooth sailing.


All hands on deck for a weekend filled with chores? Moving day? Painting the house? When the entire family is involved in a project or friends are pitching in to help, it’s a great time to surprise them with a Pirate Tea.

If the crew isn’t worn out from swabbing the deck, choose one of the many games found on the original Talk Like a Pirate website.

Hand out movie, bowling, Community Theater, roller skating or sport event tickets or gift cards for gasoline, superstores, or treats.  Say thank you and “Eat up, me hearties!”

© 2013 – 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

Pirate Tea All Hands on Deck 9-16-15 © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Here’s wishing you and yours an absolutely lovely, splendiforious 365 days.

This is the time when most of us make resolutions we rarely keep. How many of us really even take the time to write down our thoughts and goals? Maybe for our business or career, however I’m thinking it’s a long shot any of us will take a personal written inventory and still be looking at it come summer. At that point, I would probably be using it as a coaster for my strawberry daiquiri.

Therefore, this year I’m trying something different. Making it simple by using images and objects instead of words or goals. Next to my bathroom mirror where I can see it every morning after waking up and every night before going to bed is a framed picture of a compass. It makes me think of directions and adventure.

Having discovered that my mind is my own worst enemy, I’ve set my sights on getting out of my own way. No one on this planet can trip me up more than me. Heading true north says it’s time to give myself permission to lighten up, forgive everyone including myself, enjoy life and be open to miracles. Every day.

Taking it one day, one hour, or one moment at a time with God as my guide and His written word as the compass in hand. Daring myself to continue exploring why I think what I think, why I believe what I believe and how to love the best I can. Will you join me?

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. (Psalm 119:105 KJV)

© 2013 – 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

Sparks Middle School Shooting

Our community lost a dedicated teacher, friend and selfless veteran. We are left with two students wounded and a child gone for reasons not yet uncovered. In the past, before beginning my journey of transformation, I would have focused on anger and blame.

I would have focused heated thoughts on where he got the gun, his parents, and why God did not prevent the unspeakable. Through gritted teeth, I would have questioned how the students treated him and if school personnel were aware.

With sadness and grief I said a prayer for the victims and their families, asking how not to put my attention on anger and blame. The voice inside my head whispered the questions, “What pain was the child so focused on that he chose to bring a weapon to school to take another life as well as his own? Are we going to outlaw guns, kitchen knives, fire, video games, and the Internet where anyone can learn to build a bomb?” In ancient days, without modern weapons, Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. (Gen. 4:8 KJV) Pain will find a way.

My website is dedicated to the business of transforming life to find peace and joy; how could that philosophy serve in this horrible situation without sounding trite? Putting my emotions in God’s hands, the Mohandas Gandhi quote came to mind, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” Social and personal transformations go hand in hand. I cannot control other people or situations. I can only control my own reactions and myself.

My prayer redirected to one requesting assistance, to be aware of my thoughts, actions and words this day and every day. Help me to focus on kindness. Help me in any situation to release the need to be angry, mean, cutting, competitive or critical. Let me not be the one that pricks a fellow human with the words or actions that send them over the edge.

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