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Day #16  Adventurous

When you see or hear the word “adventurous” what comes to mind?

Trekking through Nepal?

Searching for treasure on the high seas?

Jungle expeditions in the Amazon or surfing the Gold Coast, Australia?

It makes me think of exploring the unknown and taking risks. It can also mean trying new methods or ideas.

One of the finest adventures I give myself is exploring my potential. Learning to step outside the comfort zone and see what I’m capable of let’s me live the adventure every day. It has transformed my life from existing to thriving.

Here are some tips on how to be more adventurous that are working for me. I hope you find them helpful.  


Recognize when you are seeing, feeling and believing that everything around you has become routine and automatic. Recognize when you are no longer growing or stretching your mind. Has the ability to be amazed by life faded?


Step doesn’t mean leap. Take baby steps of exploration. Start by asking yourself, “What does adventurous mean?” Taking on an extra assignment at work? Buying a book on how to paint? Posting one blog on LinkedIn?

Repeating the affirmation, “I am comfortable with being uncomfortable,” widens the comfort zone allowing your subconscious to believe it is okay to try something new.


Taking steps means taking action. There’s comes a time when you have to stop planning and start DOING. Do what you can, when you can. Set goals and rewards. Write down every success, even the tiniest ones, so you can do a look-back and see how far you’ve come.

Refuse to compare yourself to anyone else. Remember you are always attempting to discover the best of your capability, not someone else’s.

Repeat along with me, “I am feeling adventurous. I am willing to step outside my comfort zone and explore my hidden potential.”

Transformation, one word, one day at a time.

Change your outlook.

Change your behavior.

When asked, “How are you?” answer with today’s word.

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