Crayons & Coloring Pages in the Break Room?

Do you remember the first time you opened a box of 64 color Crayola® crayons? Oh boy! A world of adventure and possibilities arose with the aroma of colored wax.

Adults have rediscovered the wonder of coloring and its therapeutic benefits. Coloring books for adults flew off the shelves Christmas 2015 and topped Amazon’s bestseller lists. I popped in to Michael’s in Sparks last week to find the poster size adult coloring pages sold out.

Erik Wahl, graffiti artist, bestselling author of “Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius,” and one of the most sought-after corporate key-note speakers states on his Facebook page and in his talks, “Research has shown that the smell of crayola crayons can reduce blood pressure in adults downwards 10 points. Feeling anxious? Take a drag of crayola and relax.”

Several years ago, after viewing an Erik Wahl video, I gave mini packets of crayons to my co-workers with instructions to sniff when stressed. It was amazing to see people’s eyes light up and exclaim with joy, “I remember these, I love the smell!”

I have a small packet of crayons at my desk as a “mindfulness” tool. Reminding me to stop and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Be in the moment. Observe thoughts and feelings without judging them good or bad. Simply notice them and let go. Some experiences are pleasant and some unpleasant. Accept whatever arises, let it pass through and cease to exist. Emotionally I don’t react and my mind becomes calm.

Yes, for fun and relaxation, put boxes of crayons, color pencils and coloring pages in the company’s break room for staff to enjoy. A few minutes coloring breaks up the day and encourages people to relax, refresh, and recharge.

Dover Publications offers a variety of books, as does Michael’s and Sam’s Club. Google free adult coloring pages for hundreds of downloads, Pinterest is chocked full of pages, and of course, Crayola® offers free coloring pages.

Click here to check out a 1903 pack of Crayola crayons part of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.

Men can enjoy the benefits of coloring too. Nature scenes, abstract designs, cars, and historical pages are well-liked. If at first you find it uncomfortable, sit with your kids and participate in family “coloring night.” Next thing you know, crayons and color books will be a common sight in the man cave as you and your buddies pop a cool one.

Whether you are choosing to color the sky Robin’s Egg Blue or Plum Purple or shades of both, remember it’s okay to color outside the lines. Happy coloring!

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