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Day #32  Playful

Have you ever had a morning similar to this?

The other morning I woke up feeling really off. Nothing was wrong, just felt off.

Getting ready for work I banged my shin on the edge of the bed frame. Buttoning my shirt a button in a very strategic position fell off. And my hair . . . oh let’s just not go there.

Then my husband began telling me about the horrifying news of the day. It made me sad and angry at the way people are treating other people.

Went to post the blog for “Today’s Word Is . . . “ and the computer mouse decides to act up.

Not just act up; it threw a tantrum of epic proportions. What should have taken me about ten minutes to accomplish took forty-five minutes and there you go, getting to work on time was cutting it too close.

Especially when I had to take the time to ponder giving the computer mouse a horrific death.

As I’m racing down the street heading for my place of employment, a man in a huge truck looked right at me, pulled out in front of me and slowed waaaay down. He wasn’t even bothering to do the speed limit and traffic was too congested to pass him.

I think those kind of people have control issues.

Anyhoo, my thoughts were in a terrible place and I caught myself thinking the whole day was going to be ruined, darn it.

I started deep breathing; after all I had plenty of time with Mr. I Can’t Even Do the Speed Limit setting a snail’s pace. And I calmed enough to remember one of my favorite affirmations:

“I have the power to choose how I feel, whatever the circumstances.”

I can feel as good in this moment as I do on a Saturday when I’m having fun or when I’m on vacation. Or wait, when I’m at Disneyland home of the mouse that would never do something as cheesy as nibble away at my blog posting timetable.

Found myself smiling at fond memories of taking my daughter to Disneyland. Soon I was thinking and living out playful cheerful thoughts. I felt more optimistic and knew the rest of the day could be awesome. The truck in front of me turned leaving me a clear path . . . to a red light.

That was okay, because in my mind I was in line getting ready to savor a corn dog at Disneyland (which is the BEST on the planet) and contemplating riding the Matterhorn. Eh, what’s a red light?

Barely made it to work on time. Everything during the day didn’t go smoothly, yet I felt good. Playful. Full of fun. The people I interacted with picked up on that vibration and life was light and humorous.

Once again, the Law of Attraction worked. What you give out is returned to you.

The day could have been filled with gloom and doom. Sadness, anger, and yuck. I have absolutely no control over what other people do. I can only control myself and my thoughts. Recalling fun, life-enhancing memories transforms my feelings and brightens the day.

Today’s affirmation is, “I am playful and cheerful when I breathe deeply and recall fun memories to take the place of gloomy or dispiriting thoughts.

Transformation, one word, one day at a time.

Change your outlook.

Change your behavior.

When asked, “How are you?” answer with today’s word.  

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