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Woo-hoo it’s Fearless Friday! Thanks to Erin Mecseji, PCC, CPCC
Leadership and Personal Coach I have a new mantra “Embrace Imperfection.”

I spent pretty much my whole life trying to be perfect. Imperfection and failure was not an option.

So guess what? The one dream that is nearest and dearest to my heart, getting one of my books published, hasn’t happened. Too afraid to let anyone see my work.

The writing isn’t perfect yet.

I might have failed to get the character arc right. The humor might fall flat or maybe it’s too serious and maybe . . .  yadda yadda yadda . . . yawn.

It’s time to embrace imperfection and see failure as a good thing or go to the grave with the books inside me instead of on Amazon, or in a book store, or in a library. Or better yet in your hand.

We know what I would do.  How about you?  What would you do if you felt no fear and knew you could not fail? (Based on a quote by Robert H. Schuller)

Today’s affirmation is “I am fearless and willing to believe failure is good for it teaches me what I need to know and learn and what I need to release.”

I’ll be repeating it several times today with you. And cheering for you to be fearless and take a step toward your dream.

Need help on figuring out the next step to your dream? I highly recommend you contact Erin and see if she has an opening for a new client at

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Change your behavior.

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