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Day #31  Fearless

Happy Fearless Friday!

Last Friday’s blog took the second step toward identifying your purpose in life by dissecting your fondest desire. Click here if you didn’t read it.  

This week’s step is taking the information gathered and turning it into one word.

Yes, one word.

Your purpose is not a mission statement. It is a direction.

Your purpose is not a goal. Goals are chosen, created, attained and changed often. A purpose is constant.

Yes, we all have a common purpose to love. Yet even the CEO’s handbook says people have different gifts (Romans 12:4-8 KJV). With those gifts we find our purpose in life and spread the love.

Now, get out your work from last week. Do you see a pattern emerging? What is the essence of all the activities and qualities? Your inner voice will tell you, “Hey, this is what I’ve always done, it isn’t going away. Every motivation, job, interactions with people this surfaces.

Dial it down to one word.

Here are just a couple of suggestions; however you have to make your own discovery for the word that best fits your purpose.

My purpose is to:

Heal * Entertain * Lead (Leader)

Design * Build * Inspire * Teach

 Coach * Give * Explore * Motivate * Nurture

A lifetime of career, professional, marriage, family, social, spiritual goals, actions, and affirmations can be designed to encompass and align with your purpose.

Today’s word is Fearless. I am fearless. I am willing to do the work to discover my purpose and dial it down to one word. 

Transformation, one word, one day at a time.

Change your outlook.

Change your behavior.

When asked, “How are you?” answer with today’s word.  

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