Holiday Teas & Tisanes Review

What could be better than a cup of tea to warm and brighten the holiday season?

Eggnog, peppermint martinis, and cocoa with marshmallows you say?

Okay, I’ll accept that, but my favorite feel-good drink is tea.

Holiday Teas & Tisanes 12-18-15 © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

What is the difference between tea and tisane?

All tea (black, white, green, oolong) comes from the Camellia sinensis plant.

Anything else is an herbal (Rooibos, chamomile, yerba mate.) Tisane is a French word for “herbal infusion.”

Check the ingredients on the package or description of the product to verify if it is a “real” tea or “herbal” tea.

As mentioned in my Autumn Flavors blog, there is a difference in flavor between loose leaf premium tea and tea bags. Think a can of beer versus a microbrewery or craft beer on tap. You can clearly taste the dissimilarity.

For many years I shied away from the easily found teas in grocery stores. Only purchased premium loose leaf teas in specialty stores and online.

CELESTIAL SEASONINGS SUGAR COOKIE SLEIGH RIDE® was one of the first herbal blends that changed my mind about grocery store “boxed tea bags.” It is delicious and a good reason to lose my snobbery.

Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

Thank our lucky stars that Celestial Seasonings continues to bring back this perennial favorite year after year. Like drinking a liquid sugar cookie, the vanilla and orange infusion is surprisingly based on milk thistle and roasted barley.

Caffeine free this is perfect for soothing your voice as the kids are snuggled in their beds and you read “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore.

Here are some other holiday concoctions found in local stores this season.

CELESTIAL SEASONINGS GINGERBREAD SPICE   Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Spice © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

Gingerbread is one of my essential food groups, so I couldn’t wait to try this herbal tea.

Opened the box to a delicious waft of cinnamon and ginger that had me thinking about baking an extra large pan of the spicy cake.

While the herbs were steeping, the scent had my mouth watering. Would the flavor be as dense as the aroma?

Yes! It hits the back of the throat like you just swallowed a luscious bite of gingerbread cake. Nothing can take the place of the real thing, but thank goodness for this calorie free tastiness, it helped me let go the urge to do some calorie filled baking – for now. Next cup I’m going big and adding a touch of molasses – woot!

“Decorating” my serving with a splash of Coffee-mate® Gingerbread creamer hit the spot on a cold winter evening as we watched “The Santa Clause.”

CELESTIAL SEASONINGS CRANBERRY VANILLA WONDERLAND   Celestial Seasonings Cranberry Vanilla Wonderland © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

The sweet aroma of this herbal blend reminded me of a cranberry Danish. Got a hit of cranberry and cinnamon on the front sip, then a kick of vanilla at the back of the throat. This gorgeous mahogany colored brew is lovely by itself or lightly sweetened and perfect for savoring with a late morning Christmas breakfast.

BTW: I noticed a slight medicinal flavor after adding Splenda®, will stick with agave or try it with honey next time.

TAZO® JOY   Tazo Joy © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

I’m in LOVE with this tea found at Target!

The beautiful berry color container describes Joy as “a jubilant blend of black tea, oolong, jasmine green tea and hints of peach. The combo in a high quality pyramid bag is reminiscent of a deep muscatel Darjeeling (my all-time favorite tea) with hints of jasmine.

I hear a symphony when enjoying this tea, so sip into bliss while lounging in front of a crackling fire and listening to Mannheim Steamroller’s “Christmas Extraordinaire.”

BIGELOW® EGGNOGG’N®   Bigelow Eggnogg'n © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

Smells like eggnog, doesn’t look like eggnog, yet its flavor has the essence of eggnog so you can indulge in a classic holiday treat without the calorie laden cream and eggs.

The black and green tea blend is individually wrapped in foil pouches, making it nice for carrying in a purse or taking to work. The cute graphics on the box includes the wording “An ‘Eggceptional’ Winter Tea” and I agree. Just don’t let it steep longer than the recommended two minutes, the delicate eggnog and cinnamon disappear and the tea is too strong.

Delightful without any enhancement, I added a dash of rum for the extra kick needed to finish wrapping presents. Yum.

BIGELOW® PEPPERMINT BARK   Bigelow Peppermint Bark © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

Described as a “minty chocolate herb tea” I definitely tasted a blast of mint and little chocolate.

It is “refreshing” as the box’s narration claims and after adding a little sweetener (agave) it tasted like an after dinner mint. Very smooth and cool. Will probably try this after the holidays with a splash of chocolate creamer to play up the chocolate. Right now, the refrigerator is too full of pumpkin, French vanilla, Cinnabon® and gingerbread creamers.

As peppermint is excellent for digestion this is the herbal tea I kept by my side while baking holiday treats. Individually wrapped in a foil pouch you can take this with you to any holiday gathering. Absolutely will have it by my elbow while playing board games with the family after Christmas dinner.

BIGELOW® GINGERSNAPPISH   Bigelow Ginger Snappish © 2013 - 2015 Susan C. Fix All Rights Reserved

Wasn’t feeling a hundred percent this morning. Woke up with a stuffy nose, puffy eyes, and sensation of Santa’s sleigh sitting on my chest.

No way.

No way was I getting sick, it simply wasn’t happening with Christmas coming next week. I just needed something to perk me up.

Ginger always perks me up, so I reached for Biglelow’s Gingersnappish. As I opened the foil packet a cheerful burst of lemon greeted my nose. After steeping four minutes the bright flavors of lemongrass, ginger and ­­­­­­­­lemon verbena warmed my tongue and throat like sunshine on a cloudy day.

Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and let this uplifting and merry herbal blend release the blues and remind you summer will come again.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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